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Green Kitchen started its journey on July 10th, 2014 in Orlando, Florida with the goal of providing customers with healthy eating and balanced, but tasty.
Our work is developed by aligning love and art, because our desire is that our customers can feel happy and accomplished at feed in our restaurant.
As we know the importance of healthy eating, our products are mostly organic, what allows the client to have a tasty and nutritious food, contributing to the maintenance of our health
Our biggest goal is to make people happy, and we have worked continuously to reach it.
It is a big challenge, but our motivation is exactly in the fact that we believe that we can contribute in some way to improving the quality of life of those who get to us.



I’m Marcelo Benegas, and I was born and raised in Brazil. Cookery 23 years ago where, I had the opportunity of working in a famous restaurant in the USA back in that day. Although, I have started as a dishwasher. I had passion and an increatable desire of cooking an see people HAPPY just like my dad used to do in my childhood. My biggest pleasure was when a Chef simply asked to get an ingredients or pill a vegetable, and that’s now I started to learn how to use here exactly “tools” and how to choose the right ingredients for that specific plate.
After dedicating my time and Life, started to stand out and grab people attention of those Who believed on my potential. Then, I became a helper in the kitchen, and on my free time all I did was look for different type of plates and sauces, and spend several nights in the kitchen trying to make those recipes so I gain mu cookery value. At that time, I was invited to be part of courses with teachers from renowned schools from France, Italy, and Spain, and I also worked at 4 and 5 stars hotels at United States. After in create trips around the World, like Brazil, USA, Europe and Middle East, and learning all their tricks and hits which made sure to keep all of them, I fell like I’m able to be and do what I always dream of having my own kitchen.
Now, I believe that I have refined taste hat bring to all my tasters the balance of flavors that I discovered on my gourmet and always with my motto that “LESS IS MORE”, so everything is healthy and flavored. Finally, for my point of view “COOKING IS LOVE AND ART “ .
Marcelo Benegas



Alexandra Benegas


Marcelo Benegas

Owner - Chef



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